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How to create your own custom URL for your profile on LinkedIn

Type in your name to customise your URL

Here’s a simple three-minute fix to to enhance your personal brand online, by creating a custom URL for your LinkedIn public profile.  As a default, LinkedIn will create a public profile address for you. However it’ll look something like this: That’s not really memorable or likely to ever be typed into a web browser.…

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How many skills are too many skills on LinkedIn?

how many skills are too many skills

I saw two updates from my LinkedIn network today. The difference is, one made me think the subject has no real expertise, because there are so many skills. I think focus is the key for an effective LinkedIn profile. How many people do you know who are skilled in 50 different areas?      

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Changes coming to LinkedIn search

The LinkedIn Blog has news of fundamental changes to the way LinkedIn search works. Given that there were 5.7 billion professionally oriented searches performed on LinkedIn last year, this is news.

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