I speak. People listen.

David Petherick - Digital Biographer and LinkedIn Profile Expert

And sometimes, they even stay put beyond thirty seconds…

Hello. I am David Petherick, the World’s First Digital Biographer, and I have five ‘set pieces’ which are informative and entertaining for intimate or larger scale business events, delivered in plain english, and with some humour and style: —

1) The British Blogcasting Corporation

Exactly why and how your business should use blogs. How to set one up in 10 minutes, how to appear in Google in 6 minutes, how to usurp the Sunday Times in 41 minutes, and how to get your customers to become your champions every minute of the day.

2) How to build your Personal Brand using LinkedIn

The rise of social technologies has made branding not only more personal, but within reach. With 520+ million members, and 23 million in the UK alone, LinkedIn is undeniably the most powerful platform available to professionals. In this session you will learn how to develop a credible profile to build your personal brand on LinkedIn.

3) 29 Ways & 29 Days to improve your Online VISIBILITY

Just under thirty ways in which you can dramatically improve your personal and corporate online presence in under a month. This comes with an exclusive take-away that’s ideal for those seeking to have their online visibility raised, whether you are at board level, management team, or in the airborne or ‘infantry division’ of your organisation.

4) Visible, Legible and Credible – ME?

Designed initially as in interactive session involving audience members, but also adaptable to a presentation and Q&A format, this is ideal for ‘unconference’ and ‘here’s my problem how do I solve it’ situations. I illustrate five key areas where online activity, properly planned, and simply carried through, can add immeasurably to an individual or an organisation’s online gravity and authority. And how poorly used, how you can also come across as total asses. Definitely lively, full of tips and take-away resources, popular with the infantry and with startups, this is optionally delivered in a kilt, and in 20, 40 or 60 minute versions.

I also have one rather extraordinary talk, more of a tutorial, full of fun, and which proves how amazing the human mind is at learning:

5) Learn to read Russian in 75 minutes

This will teach you to read the Russian alphabet in 75 minutes. First performed at the National Museum of Scotland in 2005. Not surprisingly, it lasts 75 minutes. Delivered in English or Lowland Scots. Excellent as a team-building exercise and for, the, ah let's call it 'competitive learning' so beloved of sales teams.

Finally, just in case you are counting…

6) You tell me what you want to hear

And I’ll see if I can deliver.

I have appeared on Independent local Radio and BBC Radio, BBC News 24 and have written for numerous online and offline publications and organisations including EBRD, NewsBase, and The Next Web, as well as working with a number of TV production companies.

I am available as a commentator on social media and online networking for Radio and TV interviews. I am normally no more than 30 minutes away from BBC Scotland’s Holyrood Studio in Edinburgh or an hour from Glasgow's Pacific Quay for TV or Radio uplinks, and have a home studio for recordings, with 70Mb broadband.

View my Linkedin Profile for my formal ‘CV’ and recommendations from customers.

 I have been most impressed when I have heard him give addresses on the subject. He is extremely knowlegeable in his area of expertise and can mesmerise an audience with his captivating wit and oratory. David knows his subject, but can explain the complexities to a layman in a way that is both enlightening and entertaining. I cannot recommend David's talents as a speaker too highly.
- Robert Greig,  Office Team Group

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