30 LinkedIn Profile Tips 27/30 – Proof read

30 short, useful, actionable LinkedIn tips in 30 days from Doctor LinkedIn™, David Petherick. #30×30

#27/30: Proof read. Check your work before you publish.

How many times have you seen terrible spelling errors or mistakes that spoil an otherwise good profile or post?

Too often, is the answer.

So check your work before you publish.

For your profile: Write in a separate editor, and then sit back with a printout and a pen to check that it all makes sense. Hand it to a friend or colleague and ask them to check it.

When adding an update: Use a browser style or spellchecking add-on such as Grammarly. I use Firefox’s free spellchecking add-on with a UK English dictionary.

You’ll be surprised how often what you thought was perfect, is imperfect. Or where you can simplify something you’ve made a little too complex.

You’d be surprised how many ‘Mangers‘ there are on LinkedIn. No Managers. Mangers.

So do a check, then upload to your profile, or your post.