30 LinkedIn Profile Tips 23/30 – Share your profile

30 short, useful, actionable LinkedIn tips in 30 days from Doctor LinkedIn™, David Petherick. #30×30

#23/30: Share your profile. Get it out there.

How many emails did you send yesterday?

Write that number down. So that makes how many this week? This month?

So, in a year, it’s probably quite a large number.

And how many times do those emails invite people to connect with you on LinkedIn?

Do you see the issue?

You should be sharing your LinkedIn profile as much as possible. I place links to my LinkedIn Profile on my emails, on my websites, on my other social pages and online profiles.

1: How to add your LinkedIn profile to your email

Go to your profile, and assuming you’ve first customised your URL, copy your unique LinkedIn profile address or URL to your clipboard, then drop it into your email signature with a simple ‘call to action’ prefix.

For example:

Then every email you send acts as an invitation to connect – or to at least allow people to find out more about you. And the closer you are to your customers, partners and colleagues, the easier it is to collaborate effectively with them.

2: How to add your LinkedIn profile to web sites

In the same way that LinkedIn makes it clunky to copy your own URL, there is no simple or obvious way to navigate to this page, which provides you with HTML code to drop a ‘badge’ into your web site (or email address).

So, here’s the address of the page:

What you get here is the code for different styles and sizes of badges with a link to your Public Profile that you can copy and then add to your web site or blog (and to your email, depending on how it’s configured).

An alternative method to get to this page is found below the information checkboxes that you choose to display when editing how your Public Profile is displayed.

Your Public Profile is the version those not connected to you will see.

Making your profile more accessible means more people will learn more about you, your personality, and your work.

All of which helps you. So do it…