30 LinkedIn Profile Tips 9/30 – Add your contact details

30 short, useful, actionable LinkedIn tips in 30 days from Doctor LinkedIn™, David Petherick. #30×30

#9/30: Include your contact details in your profile.

Do you want to make life easy for people, or difficult?

If you want people to call you, show them your phone number.

If you want people to email you, show them your email address.

If you want people to visit your web site or Twitter, or landing page, show the URL.

And do this in your summary or in your experience sections – not just tucked away in the place holders that LinkedIn provides, but the details of which can only be seen by your connections.

I have all of my contact information clearly visible in plain text my summary and in my experience sections. You don’t need to connect with me to contact me. And guess what – people contact me. Which is what I want them to do. Easy.

Make things easy for yourself and for others.

  • If you’re worried about getting too much spam email, add your email in a way that means people have to do a little work to actually harvest the address – so form it as, say david[at]petherick[dot]org for example. If you own your own domain, you can also set up a LinkedIn-specific email address so that you can filter messages to it more effectively.
  • If you’re looking to improve your LinkedIn Profile, get in touch with David Petherick at Amazes.me for a free ten-minute consultation. Packages range from real-time live profile updates to the full-blown Classic LinkedIn Profile makeover.