30 LinkedIn Profile Tips 5/30 – Look your best

30 short, useful, actionable LinkedIn tips in 30 days from Doctor LinkedIn™, David Petherick. #30×30

#5/30: Look your best: invest in a good LinkedIn profile photo – and find out how to choose the best photo to use on LinkedIn.

Don’t make a bad first impression with a poor headshot.

Images are processed by the human mind thousands of times more rapidly than text. So it follows that a good LinkedIn Profile photo is vitally important. And nobody connects with a faceless outline or a company logo. They connect with a person.

It follows that you should make an investment of time and effort, and if you can afford it, money, to get a professional looking photograph on your profile.

[Before and after photo by David Ho – Professional Headshots]

If your photograph is seen just 21 times a day online, you have 7,665 opportunities a year to make no impression, a bad impression, or a good impression, before you have even opened your mouth or anyone has read a word of your profile.

  • That’s 7,665 potential contacts. Or 7,665 potential customers. Or 7,665 potential advocates. Or 7,665 people ignoring you completely.

Which photo should I use on LinkedIn?

Aside from the many aesthetic considerations like the quality and size of the image, the lighting, way you dress, the background focus and colour, and the way it’s cropped, there’s still usually a crucial decision to be made – which photo portrays me best? Which image conveys my personality and character most effectively to the outside world?

Asking friends, family and work colleagues to select the ‘best‘ image of you may throw up all kinds of contradictory signals – and those that know you are not the most objective critics.

But there’s a better, scientific and easy way to select the best photograph for your LinkedIn Profile – crowdsource it!

How to crowdsource selecting your LinkedIn photo…

Step 1: Choose two or three images that you feel best portray you and have them loaded onto your computer ready to upload.

Step 2: Sign up for a free account at PhotoFeeler.com where you can choose either to buy credits with a fast-track paid option, or, by voting on other people’s photos, you gain credits to use the free service.

Step 3: Upload your photos and submit them for human beings to vote and appraise your photos. You can opt to get an email when you’ve had the number of votes you requested. The more votes you ask for, the more reliable the results with a larger sample size.

Then, just listen to the wisdom of the crowd.

I found that my preferred photo was not the one best rated on Photofeeler. So the photo I chose for my profile was the one that the crowd liked best.