30 LinkedIn Profile Tips 2/30 – Own your own name

30 short, useful, actionable LinkedIn tips in 30 days from Doctor LinkedIn™, David Petherick. #30×30

#2/30: Personalise your LinkedIn URL.

Edit your LinkedIn URL so that your name is yours.

Everyone has a unique URL or Unique Resource Locator on LinkedIn. The problem is, the one LinkedIn gives you is completely random.

For example, I might be assigned the LinkedIn URL as below:

  • http://uk.linkedin.com/in/davidpeth/a2372c/3ggh

Not exactly memorable, and not very juicy for search outside LinkedIn based on your name. So change it so that you own it and it’s personal to you. It’s easy.

Bit better, isn’t it? Try a search for my name in Google, and my LinkedIn profile with this URL invariably appears as the first entry. I own my own name.

Step 1 to own your LinkedIn URL

Login to LinkedIn and go to Edit Profile then click on the ‘Settings’ icon below your photograph to update your profile settings. It’s not exactly obvious, but it will appear there if you hover over the URL!

Step 2 to own your LinkedIn URL

After you’ve clicked the icon, look across to on the right column on the screen to find Your public profile URL link, and click the small pencil icon appearing at the right of your current URL. You’ll then see the option below:

Step 3 to own your own LinkedIn URL

Type in your preferred URL such as davidpetherick, and click ‘Save

And you’re done.

IMPORTANT: You may get an error message if your ideal URL of /FirstnameLastname is unavailable. Somebody else with a similar name to you  got there first. If this is the case, you use devices such as ‘mr-john-mark-smith’ or ‘iamjohnsmith’ or ‘john-smith-writer’ to ensure your visibility.

Avoid using your business name unless it’s keyword-rich and you know you’re never going to leave that business or evolve or pivot it – your name is what people will remember and look for, certainly in an online search beyond LinkedIn. And don’t just use a number at the end – this simply advertises the fact that you came late to the party!

LinkedIn profile content ranks well in search, so make sure you take these simple steps to stake your claim to your personal brand.

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