30 LinkedIn Profile Tips 13/30 – Be human

30 short, useful, actionable LinkedIn tips in 30 days from Doctor LinkedIn™, David Petherick. #30×30

#13/30: Be human in your profile.

Tell me about yourself. And talk to me as an individual.

I may be interested in the fact that you like scuba diving and cricket. Then again I may not. I may have a lifetime of loathing for Leicester City, but at least I can start a conversation with you a little more easily now that I know you support them, or send you an appropriate message when your football team wins (or loses) the league. Your love of horses, funk music or fine wines is something I may connect with.

  • When I read your profile, I don’t want to just learn about your business, I want to feel I have had the equivalent of a chat over a cup of coffee with you, or perhaps a drink or two, and have got to know you a little.

Part of the job your LinkedIn profile has to do is to act as the starting point for a conversation. And so the more you give people to talk about, the more chance there is of sparking a conversation. Fashion. Cars. Wine. Food. Cooking. Books. Travel. Sport. Film. Whisky. Knitting. Photography. Formula 1…

People buy people – don’t disappoint them

People buy people, whatever their business is. And if you’re not a person people want to buy, you are making things difficult for yourself.

So talk about yourself, and let people know about your enthusiasms and passions.

Be you. Be interesting, and interested. Be human.