LinkedIn Updates its Privacy & Settings Interface: Screenshots & Analysis

LinkedIn has completely overhauled the Privacy and Settings interface for your LinkedIn Profile. You may not see this feature active on your LinkedIn Account yet, but you probably will soon.

The changes are far-reaching. This is a complete redesign.

I have included a few screenshots and details here, but in order to cover this in detail, I have written a 7-page in depth report which details ALL of the new menu choices, and shows the new features in detail.


Click to download the 7-page report in PDF format. (1.4MB)

  • To download the full report, simply click on the graphic at left or below, or click on

There are now three main section headings:

1) Account 2) Privacy and 3) Communications

Previously, four tabs showed, grouping Profile; Communications; Groups, Companies and Applications; and Account, so there’s clearly been a rethink to make things simpler. It’s certainly nicer from a purely aesthetic viewpoint.

There are sub-sections reached through a tab management system at top left – for Account, as shown here, these subsections are Basics, Third parties and Subscriptions. Clicking on these tabs pull you down the page to focus on the relevant subsection.

You can always ‘roll back’ to the more familiar ‘old’ interface, and return to the new interface through a simple text link at the bottom of each page

The changes are extensive – to understand them and put them in context, I recommend downloading my detailed report – click or click on the graphic below to get your PDF.

I am not asking you for a login or email signup to access the PDF. Life’s too short. Click and view, download to your computer if you wish.

Enjoy, and please add your comments below once you’ve seen the report, or looked at the new interface on your own LinkedIn Account.

Do I have this new interface yet?

To see if you have the new interface, just click on the menu heading as illustrated below within LinkedIn when you are logged in – shortcut is