Why are you the worst person in the world to write your LinkedIn Profile?

David Petherick

  • You may be the best sales person in the world.
  • You may be the best negotiator in the world.
  • You may be the biggest ace at just that special thing that only you can do.

But you can't sell yourself, because you can't be objective about yourself.

I can. And I am. And I will sell you.

I will make you visible, legible and credible.

I rewrite, refocus and reframe LinkedIn™ profiles for a living. Period.

The BBC first wrote about my work in 2007. Since then, I've reworked a great many LinkedIn™ profiles.

I live in Scotland, but I work internationally, with customers in all five continents.

Microsoft invested $26 billion in LinkedIn™ in 2016. There are 520 million+ profiles on LinkedIn™.

What will you invest in yourself to stand out?

Let's talk.

David Petherick

Act now...

Listen to my customers, not me.

“Since David made over my profile, not only have I been noticed more, but I have been commended on its appropriateness. Most of all, David is human; and he cares about getting it right. I have rarely felt so good giving a recommendation as I have for David. Oh, and be ready for the additional advice he throws in.” - Marc Dhalluin
“David’s friendly, assured advice provided a much-needed kick-start to making my LinkedIn profile work harder for my business. Very pleased by how much we covered in such a brief time; it’s an investment I’m definitely glad I made.” - Paul F Cockburn
“It's safe to say that David has a very strong grasp of personal branding. He was very quick to respond when I asked for his guidance with improving my LinkedIn profile, and I already feel more confident about my ability to acquire new contacts and generate new leads. Thanks a million!” - Christian Abbas

Being interviewed for The Sunday Times is a fantastic opportunity for anyone. When I was interviewed, an excellent article was published but unfortunately my name was misspelt. That could have caused problems with people not being able to find me on search engines if they wanted to find out more about me.

Having sent David a text to let him know that the article was there, he called me within an hour and offered to do what he could to rectify the situation with my name. Within another hour any search under the misspelt name on Google would meet David's blogs at positions 1 and 2, leading them to my site. David proved himself to be a fantastic, generous networker by offering his services and acting so quickly, and on a Sunday. Not only that, he also showed that he is a true master of his craft. Connect with him, you'd be daft not to." - Andy Lopata

“David kindly assisted me with his knowledge and finely tuned mastery of the world of LinkedIn and personal branding. With a wide reaching knowledge base, David's advice is insightful and relevant. I would highly recommend David for his work and expertise.” - Beth Barrat
“David has a clear understanding of how professional social networking and LinkedIn work and can provide practical and valuable advice in the space of a short consultation.” - Yulia Tsybysheva
“David Petherick helped me significantly improve my LinkedIn profile in a way that translated profile views into connections and new business. Everyone in LinkedIn could benefit from an objective assessment of their profile, particularly one as expert as David's. I strongly encourage you to sign up for one of David's profile enhancement options without delay!” - Lynne Everatt
Classic Profile Makeover™ £380

Your LinkedIn® Classic Profile Makeover comes with a 100%, 1,000-day money back guarantee.

Your entire profile rewritten by Digital Biographer David Petherick after a one-hour one-to-one interview by phone or skype.


Remote Live Makeover™ £69
Remote Summary Makeover™ £49
Saturday / Wednesday Live Makeover £30

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