Unemployed? Get a free LinkedIn Profile Makeover™ to get employers noticing you now…

Job seeking is hard work. I’ll make it easier for you with a FREE LinkedIn Instant Profile Makeover™…

I make it much easier for the right people to find you online at LinkedIn, and to like what they see. I deliver visibility, legibility and credibility. That’s it.

And because I appreciate what it’s like to be unemployed, and to feel the disillusionment and pain if you’ve been unemployed for 3 months or more, I’ll help you get in front of your future employer with a FREE LinkedIn profile makeover.

  • This offer is limited to the first three applicants, so please click here to book a time to talk to me now. All I need from you is your commitment to spending an hour or so on the phone or on Skype so I can understand your skills and what you want to achieve.

The BBC first recognised my talents as what they termed a Digital Biographer back in 2007. I’ve improved a lot of LinkedIn profiles since then. And I’m offering to do this for you, for free.

What does an LinkedIn Profile Makeover™ deliver?

  1. A compelling headline
  2. An attention-getting summary
  3. Your professional experiences and job history edited, distilled, reworked and refined for maximum impact
  4. Your skills and expertise honed down to just the essential marketable and credible key areas for you
  5. Creation of optimum vanity LinkedIn URL – for example http://uk.linkedin.com/in/davidpetherick
  6. Links to your key websites, optimised for search visibility
  7. Review of your membership and visibility of Groups & Associations
  8. Review of your Personal Information, privacy settings and contact settings
  9. Full LinkedIn Profile Search Engine Optimisation with keywords, titles and content fully optimised for better visibility.
  10. Your education, interests, charitable work, awards and achievements properly recognised and annotated
  11. Checklist of items to hone your profile further
  12. I enter your new profile into LinkedIn for you, at your option
  13. 18 months of ongoing monthly 1-to-1 contact to support you with networking and building business or personal opportunities in LinkedIn
  14. The dedicated services of one Mr David Petherick – the Original Digital Biographer. No editorial assistant, profile experts, online profile specialists, ‘social media experts’ or sub-contracted part-timers. You get me. With all of my years of experience. To make you look and sound amazing: visible, legible and credible.

So. Get in touch now…

  • This offer is limited to the first three applicants when I make it. I only make this offer when I have spare capacity. Act now.
  • Click the contact slider bottom right, or click here to set the best time for me to call or skype.
  • Take a look at your LinkedIn profile, and ask yourself: will professional help be worth investing an hour or so of my time?

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