Ten things tablets (still) mean for your marketing

It’s sometimes hard to believe that Apple’s iPad was only released on April 3rd 2010, just five years ago. But the impact since then that iPad, and other tablets have had on mobile computing, and the way content and marketing messages work has been profound.

For me, the success of tablets is that they put information in your hands and let you move things around intuitively, and you just point to what you like to get more. They get out of your way. The underlying technology becomes unimportant – the experience is what drives the use. Add the fact that they are lightweight, easy to hook up to wifi, and can be used for hours, and you’ve changed they way that people interact with a computer quite fundamentally.

Here, I look at what your content needs to do to succeed in the age of the tablet computer…

1. Your stuff needs to look good.
Look at Pinterest. Images. Look at the way content appears in Flipboard on an iPad, and the way that the savvy marketers have always combined quality content with great design and attractive imagery. Witness the changes that have come to Facebook with its timeline, to LinkedIn company pages and to LinkedIn profiles. It’s all about visual stimulation. Once you’ve seen content presented well, you won’t want to settle for second best – you’ll simply overlook it.
2. Your stuff needs to be easily shared.
I only have the patience to click once to share. Don’t make me have to login, register or jump through any of your clever little hoops. One click, and I’m done, or I’m not going to bother.
3. Your stuff needs to be useful.
Is this going to make me look clever in front of my boss? Is it going to help me do my job? Is to going to provide me with an insight into marketing rends and technology?

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Beautiful spring evening in Edinburgh

Did someone mention Spring? Evening of 10th March.

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I’m (glad I’m not) a Government Man

I spotted this disclaimer at the bottom of an email from Microsoft inviting me to a DevCamp in Nepal. Ok, so don’t ask Why in Hell Microsoft are inviting me to go Nepal, what they have been smoking, where they harvested that particular address, or indeed why I ever actually read disclaimers, but here’s the kicker:

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Visibility for Blogs

Another great piece of content from Lee Odden, about the importance of visibility for blogs.

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Beautiful day in Edinburgh

Just wanted to share this image of George Street and St Andrew Square beyond.

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