How to remove distractions from your LinkedIn profile

Avoid Distractions on your LinkedIn Profile

Here’s a one-minute fix to ensure that people viewing your profile stay on your profile, and are not distracted by other LinkedIn members’ profiles. LinkedIn loves you browsing around For LinkedIn, the more time you spend looking around on LinkedIn, the better. More page views, more opportunities for serving up adverts, and longer time spent…

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Unemployed? Get a free LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Job seeking is hard work. I’ll make it easier for you with a FREE LinkedIn Profile Makeover™… I make it much easier for the right people to find you online at LinkedIn, and to like what they see. I deliver visibility, legibility and credibility. That’s it. And because I appreciate what it’s like to be unemployed, and…

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“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” ― Steve Jobs

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I’m (glad I’m not) a Government Man

I spotted this disclaimer at the bottom of an email from Microsoft inviting me to a DevCamp in Nepal. Ok, so don’t ask Why in Hell Microsoft are inviting me to go Nepal, what they have been smoking, where they harvested that particular address, or indeed why I ever actually read disclaimers, but here’s the kicker:…

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