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Everyone needs visibility online. Digital Visibility™ gives you an unfair advantage.

Control your online presence and make sure your name is found with the right content by the right people.

Visibility. If you’re not on Page 1 of Google, you’re effectively nowhere.

90% of people never bother to search beyond Page 1.

Where are you?

Google your name.

What do you find? Do you dominate the top 10 results with the content and social profiles that you control? Would a potential partner or employer be impressed?

The most effective way to control what people see when they Google your name is to own your own name, and add content there that will be indexed by Google and ranked highly because of the content there, and the way that content is structured.

  • Look at the results of a search for my name, David Petherick.


As you can see, my social accounts are visible due to my claiming my own name, but it’s the ownership of that sets me apart, coming even before my LinkedIn profile – and it’s my LinkedIn Profile, as I claimed my own personal URL.

The easy way to achieve this search dominance is to install a WordPress site on your own name domain, and add a few key pages and links to and from your other social presences, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. That’s what I’ve done to stake my claim online, and now, I have made that service available to you.

What’s in the Digital Visibility™ Pack to get you found?

  1. New LinkedIn headline written with keywords added to raise your visibility in search engines
  2. Written advice on optimising your LinkedIn Summary with free non-email contact mechanism
  3. Free Domain Name registration for first year for your personal name, and web hosting that allows you to –
  • Own your own personal domain name such as and be found in searches
  • Use your own email on your domain name such as yet retain your existing Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail account
  • End the anonymity of a Gmail, Hotmail or ISP email address yet retain the convenience and continuity if you use one
  • Own your own name online, configured to operate –
    • A personalised, easy to use and update blog;
    • An ‘about me’ biography page
    • A ‘contact me’ form directing to your email securely
    • A classic clean look without advertising, banners or pop-ups, easy for you (or thousands of freelance WordPress designers) to customise
    • No need for software or downloads – control everything from any web browser
  • Up and running within 24 hours
  • 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee
  • 24/7/365 technical support with one hour response guarantee

This site runs on WordPress – so you can readily achieve the same professional look and feel for your personal blog, and make sure you’re found in search.

What’s in the Digital Visibility™ Gold package?

All the features of the standard Digital Visibility™, but with these added benefits (and as used on this web site):

  • Customised vCita contact mechanism installed and configured specifically for you, allowing you (with a monthly subscription) to
    • Book calls and meetings that update into your live Calendar
    • Sell your time or services online with automatic diary booking and secure payments to Paypal or your Bank Account
    • Accept payments from customers for custom services and products
    • Receive instant SMS notifications when customer request appointments, send you payments
    • Manage the appointments and income of multiple staff members
    • Share documents securely with contacts
    • Utilise efficient CRM system to manage and record all contacts with a customer or prospect

Own your own name today..

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