So, David. What’s so amazing about a LinkedIn Company Page Makeover?

David Petherick

David Petherick

I make it much easier for the right people to find your organisation on LinkedIn, to like what they see, and be able to do business immediately. I deliver visibility, legibility and credibility. That’s it.

Let me explain my value proposition.

  • You’re worth it. Your company is worth it.
  • You’ll get ongoing help and advice about online networking on LinkedIn for 3 months.
  • You’ll get regular help and advice on generating business through LinkedIn for 3 months.
  • You’ll get unique insight into adding products and services and segmenting and targeting your audience using Showcase pages.
  • You’ll gain SEO visibility through using showcase pages creatively.

The BBC first recognised my talents as what they termed a Digital Biographer back in 2007. I’ve improved a lot of LinkedIn Pages since then.

What does an Amazing LinkedIn Company Page Makeover™ deliver?

  1. A compelling header image created incorporating your existing imagery, along with creation of optimised thumbnail images
  2. An attention-getting company summary
  3. Recommendations for (and if needed, production for) Showcase Pages, which are sub-pages on your company page to allow you to showcase offers, products or services.
  4. Your professional expertise edited, distilled, reworked and refined for maximum impact
  5. Links to your key web resources, optimised for search visibility
  6. Links to your key special offers, optimised for search visibility
  7. Review of your company information, privacy settings and contact settings
  8. Checklist of items and editorial diary to hone your page further and attract followers
  9. I enter your new company page details into LinkedIn for you, at your option – including all formatting, links, and graphics.
  10. Follow up call of sixty minutes to support you with networking and building business opportunities in LinkedIn
  11. The dedicated services of one Mr David Petherick – the Original Digital Biographer. No  editorial assistant, profile experts, online profile specialists, ‘social media experts’ or sub-contracted part-timers. You get me. With all of my years of experience. To make you look and sound amazing: visible, legible and credible.

My 100% 1,000-day money-back guarantee

In the unlikely event that you don’t feel my services were worth the money, just document why you believe this, revert to your old page (or remove your page), and I’ll give you your money back. All of it. The guarantee is valid for a thousand days and nights – around three years – which is plenty of time to see whether it was worthwhile investing in my services.

So you know you’re making a safe investment, you’ll be interested to note that since I started doing this work in 2006, nobody has ever asked for a refund under this guarantee.

So. Get in touch now…

  • Call +44.7775.675.394 today.
  • Or click to set the best time for me to call you, or for us to meet for a coffee.
  • Take a good look at your LinkedIn Company Page, and ask yourself: is this the best I can do?