So, David. What’s so amazing about your LinkedIn® Personal 1-to-1 Coaching™?

David Petherick

David Petherick

I use my more than ten years of experience working with LinkedIn® to make it much easier for you to find the right connections, prospects and customers there.

I will help you win visibility, legibility and credibility by speaking with you one-to-one every month for 30 minutes to keep you up to date with developments, and keep you on track to reach your targets.

Let me explain my value proposition.

  • You’re worth it.
  • Your future sales, exposure and opportunities are worth it.
  • If you don’t think it’s worth investing £30 a month in your business development, stop reading now. You probably don’t even need to listen to my LinkedIn® Top Tips and Advice.

The BBC first recognised my talents as what they termed a Digital Biographer back in 2007. I’ve improved a lot of LinkedIn® profiles since then, and helped a lot of people leverage the power of LinkedIn®.

What does LinkedIn® Personal 1-to-1 Coaching™ deliver?

  1. A monthly scheduled 30-minute skype or telephone call between you and David Petherick
  2. First 2 months at half price – just £30 commitment
  3. Structured, professional help from David with your questions and specific issues
  4. Coaching to ensure you’re making best use of your time, connecting effectively and meeting your objectives
  5. Ongoing help with ensuring your skills and expertise are presented in the most effective way
  6. Assistance with advanced searches to reach your target audience
  7. Follow-up email after every call to ensure you’ve got a reference to work from for the next month on LinkedIn®
  8. Regular review of your membership and visibility in Groups to ensure credibility
  9. Updates and insight on new features and services available from LinkedIn®
  10. Assistance with enhancing your profile by adding relevant media such as SlideShare, PDFs, and images
  11. The dedicated services of one Mr David Petherick – the Original Digital Biographer. No editorial assistants, profile experts, online profile specialists, ‘social media experts’ or sub-contracted part-timers. You get me. With all of my years of experience. To help make you look and sound amazing: visible, legible and credible.

My 100% 1,000-day money-back guarantee

In the unlikely event that you don’t feel my services were worth the investment, just cancel at any time. Your maximum commitment is £30 a month.

So you know you’re making a safe investment, you’ll be interested to note that since I started doing this in 2006, nobody has ever asked for a refund under this guarantee.

Still have questions? Get in touch now…

  • Call +44.7775.675.394 today.
  • Or click the contact slider bottom right, and set the best time for me to call you for an initial discussion at no charge.
  • Take a look at your LinkedIn profile, and ask yourself: is this the best I can do?
Subscribe for £30 a month for 30-minute coaching calls, with your first two months at half price. Cancel anytime. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Subscribe for £60 a month for one-hour coaching calls, with your first two months at half price. Cancel anytime. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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