How to create your own custom URL for your profile on LinkedIn

Here’s a simple three-minute fix to to enhance your personal brand online, by creating a custom URL for your LinkedIn public profile. 

As a default, LinkedIn will create a public profile address for you. However it’ll look something like this:

That’s not really memorable or likely to ever be typed into a web browser. But you can easily customise this URL to something much more memorable and relevant to you. My public profile is at– which ranks on Page 1 on Google with a search for my name.

Make it easy for Google, and others looking for you

Customising your URL takes just a few minutes, it’s easy, and it’s free. Here’s how to do right now it in three easy steps…

Step 1:  Login to LinkedIn and go to My Profile then click on the ‘Settings’ icon below your photograph to update your profile settings.

Customise your LinkedIn URL

How to Customise your LinkedIn URL

Step 2: Look across to on the right column to find the public URL link, and click ‘Your public profile URL’

Type in your name to customise your URL

If your name is already ‘taken’ then insert middle initials or name – using a number advertises the fact you are late to the game.

Step 3: Type in your preferred URL and click ‘Save’

And you’re done.

You may find of course that your ideal URL of /firstnamelastname is unavailable. If this is the case, you use devices such as ‘mr-john-mark-smith‘ or ‘iamjohnsmith‘ to ensure your visibility. Avoid using your business name unless it’s keyword-rich and you know you’re never going to leave that business – your name is what people will remember and look for. Don’t use a number at the end – this just advertises the fact that you are late to the party.

LinkedIn content ranks well on Google,  so make sure you take these simple steps to stake your claim to your personal brand.

But while you’re here, do one more thing…

Another important thing to do when on this page is to ensure your profile is visible to the public and includes the information you want to share.

This information is just below your public URL as shown here.

Why do this?

By making sure your public profile is visible to everyone, and including your posts and summary and skills et cetera in your public-facing profile, those who are not logged in to LinkedIn or are not yet connected to you can find you and see you in all your glory – and means your profile and name appear in Search Engine results.

Here’s how I appear on page 1 of Google for a search on my name:

As you can see, LinkedIn is fairly high up, in third position, and my URL has the critical information needed for the search- my full name. Quite why my personal twitter account is ranked above my better-followed public account, only Google can say! My work at The Next Web ranks first because it’s a high-traffic site – but the critical element here is that my full LinkedIn Profile can be found readily.

How do you rank in a Google search for your name?

If you need to improve, follow the simple steps outlined here, and try a search again in a week or so – let us know how you got on.

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